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Happy New Year to all. Hope in this year 2013, we will work more harder for you!


From vast experiences and with >>state of art technologies we conduct faster research on cases



At Neel Shivam Lawyers, we always thrive to use implement new ideas.

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Neel Shivam Lawyers was founded by Neel Shivam in 2004. The firm has swiftly grown over the years and currently employs seven lawyers and more than fifteen support staff. The Firm has recently branched out to the town of Ba to extend its professional services to Western division. .

Today, Neel Shivam Lawyers is all about innovation. The firm in consultation with its staff, clients and other entrepreneurs has developed new ways to foster client relationship and this has been achieved by building trusted advisor status with clients, offering competitive pricing for value of work and providing client friendly billing

Neel Shivam Lawyers is not just about a firm being run by partners, its focus is on leadership. The firm over the years has been successful because, the Partners ‘invest’ their time and business experience in their support staff and Associates. In turn, the staff and Associates grow in their confidence and skills and are better able to lead and perform in their respective practice areas which benefit the clients enormously.

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